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Identifying Wardrobe Essentials

Its a tough situation- you look at your closet and its a jumble of cute sweaters, blouses, skirts etc… but you can’t find anything to pair them with. You’ve already changed your outfit 4 times and you’re fed up. Sound familiar? It probably means that you are lacking a few wardrobe essentials. Those perfect pieces that go with everything and have the power to tie any look together. We’re talking about the perfect pair of dressy jeans, the right nude pumps, the well-tailored dinner jacket, or the perfect white tee.

wardrobe essentials

Tog+Porter stylists look at what you already have, and know what you need to make it all work. T+P stylists want you to have the tools to look your best everyday, and they do this by not only helping you stay on trend, but by supplying you with the classics as well.

Wardrobe Essentials

Need help identifying which wardrobe essentials you need the most? Our team of talented T+P stylists are here to help!

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