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Identifying your Style

At Tog+Porter, one of the first things our stylists strive to do is identify your style. Often, it is helpful to have an objective party (not your best friends, family, etc…) to speak to about identifying your style. Our T+P stylists look at you with a fresh and experienced set of eyes, and listen to what your likes and needs are. Sometimes, we don’t even know what our ‘style’ is, we need someone objective to help us find it!

personal style

Pinterest boards, style icons, and chatting one on one with a real stylist are all great ways to help identify your style. Creating a personal style board on pinterest is a great way to help your T+P stylist understand what you like. Tog+Porter has our own Pinterest account which is a great source of inspiration, and is constantly being updated by all of our stylists.

Tog+Porter Pinterest

Tog+Porter Pinterest

Need help identifying your personal style? Chat with one of our Tog+Porter stylists

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