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What We Do: Identifying your Style

4.22.2015 WRITTEN BY Heidi Chen How to Wear, T+P Blog Central

We know how overwhelming shopping can be. You buy pieces you think you’ll wear and just end up hanging them back in your closet. If this ever happens to you, you’re not alone! Learning how to find right pieces that represent your best self can only get better through trial and error. Here at Tog + Porter, we thrive to help you build a perfect wardrobe that matches your style needs. We set goals to help you build a transitional and intuitive closet that meets your ideal look. After all “style is a way to say who you are without have to speak.”

What we Do - Identify your style

If you’re ready to discover your style, schedule an appointment with your Tog + Porter stylist today. What are you waiting for? Begin your style journey with us!

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