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How To Look Good in Bad Weather

12.22.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

When the weather outside is frightful, our outfits often look less than delightful. Rain,wind and snow can muddy up our hemlines, stain our favorite tops and trousers, and soil anything that isn’t 100% water resistant. Like many other people, I’ve resorted to wearing an old pair of tennis shoes and snugly sweat suit in the icky weather months, throwing all vanity to the wind in order to simply stay warm. But just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean we have to look it. Here are a couple winter weather pieces that you should be sure to have in your closet; they’ll keep you warm and looking good, no matter how ugly it is outside.

A stylish trench: When the rain starts to pour, many women reach for their trusted, rugged and worn out rain coat. Listen up ladies: It is possible to protect yourself from wet weather while still looking stylish. Invest in a trench coat that offers both rain protection and attractive details, such as the trench coat pictured from Ellen Tracy. The draped fit and popped collar provide coverage from wind and rain, and the cuffed sleeves and eye-catching buttons will pop in the dark and drear. A trench or raincoat with stylish features also make it easy to transition from outside to indoors.

A smashing scarf: Cold weather accessories are the perfect way to dress up a dull, winterized outfit. Add a punch of color with a scarf that highlights your blue eyes or rosy cheeks. Knit caps and a fuzzy gloves are also great for adding a little flair to your winter wardrobe, but use caution — hole-covered mittens or grandpa’s old hunting hat will do little to distract from drab rain gear.

Don’t fear the weather; use it as a tool to get creative with your outdoor look. Invest in good quality, durable outdoor pieces that make you feel bright and light when it’s gray and gloomy. Treacherous elements may challenge your choice of attire, but it doesn’t have to define it.

Here’s to a warm, happy and stylish holiday season!


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