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How to Incorporate More Color into your Wardrobe

8.14.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah Style Guide, T+P Blog Central

Ever look at your wardrobe and suddenly feel like you’re sorting through a sad looking sea of black, grey and beige? It’s a common dilemma, as many of us tend to buy clothes in neutral colors because we figure we’ll get more wear out them in the long run. However, a dash of color may be just what your wardrobe needs to give it that extra dose of style.

color 2

An easy way to inject a sprightly dose of color into your look is through accessorizing. Fun and inexpensive, brightly colored accessories are just the think to make an outfit more exciting. Try pairing neon pumps with jeans and a T shirt, grab a colorful bag, or for fall, throw on one of the season’s bright coats.


For those of us who are more comfortable in muted or neutral shades, bright accessories are the perfect way to experiment. Want to add some color to your look, but still not sure how? Contact a Tog + Porter stylist, we’re here to help!

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