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How to Get the Holiday Gift You Want

11.16.2016 WRITTEN BY Christopher Everett Inspiration, Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

The holiday season is here, so its time to prepare for gift giving. Here are our top four ways to get what you want:

Talk about a place you would like to visit

If you want your gift to be to go visit somewhere it’s easy to suggest places. Talk about how much you would like to travel and locations you would like to visit.  Also if you have kids suggest their gift be the place that you would like to visit, so everyone can be a winner.

via vacationsdeal

via vacationsdeal

Swap it for something want

Everyone gets a gift they don’t want. There’re tons of other people that what an upgrade from what they received as a gift. Luckily there are many websites for the purpose of swapping out items, all you do is offer your unwanted goods in these trade platforms which are very secure. This works well for those people that give you a gift that won’t know if you use it or not.

via wisegeek

via wisegeek

Drop very obvious hints

As a child, you would write a list to give a hint to your parents what you wanted for holiday gifts. Great news, obvious hints still work very well as an adult especially if you want something else a little more expensive. The best way to give hints is to leave links open on your laptop and share items you like on social media so people have an idea of what to get you.

via Celebuzz

via Celebuzz

Tell it to them straight

If all else fails and the hints are not working and you don’t want to spend time trying to swap what you got as a gift, then take the easy way and just let them know what you would like to receive.

Need a gift for a family member? Schedule an appointment or request a box now. Let us know your tips for getting the perfect gift in the comments below.

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