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How To Find Inspiration For a Great Outfit

11.23.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Sometimes getting ready for a night out on the town can be wickedly fun – a chance to piece together the perfect outfit that reflects your mood and moxie. Other times, the hour or so you save to get primped can cause more irritation than invigoration – nothing fits right, your favorite sweater looks more grandma-ish than glamorous, and your mirror seems to be mocking you in your misery. So what to do when you’re feeling less than enthused to dress up? Inspiration can come from anywhere; my go-to source for a creative spark is music.

I tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to certain bands, and can listen to the same song on repeat for months on end. When I need to get ready but not feeling so ready to do so, I put on my favorite song of the moment and dress as if I were a part of the band (or at least a groupie attending their concert). For example, on the days I can’t get enough Fleetwood Mac, I dress like my imaginary version of Rhiannon: I don a flowy peasant top and knee-high boots, finishing off the look with a very hippy-happy hairstyle parted down the middle; when Jay-Z is on repeat, I whip out my best sequin/sparkly blouse and flash some chunky gold bracelets and earrings. Just last night I used music as an agent of inspiration for a dinner date: With Kings of Leon blaring from my stereo, I found a new way to rock an old pair of scuffed-up boots by adding skinny black jeans and a hipster cardigan, creating an ensemble with just the right amount of rocker flair.

Getting dressed to impress often requires ingenuity. Whatever it is that you find inspiring in the world — be it art, nature or a great movie — use it is as a tool to make every outfit awe-worthy.


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