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How to Dress for a Kentucky Derby Party

The Kentucky Derby is a time honored tradition and there will no doubt be an abundance of viewing parties this weekend. Whether you are attending a party or one of the lucky ones who will be at the actual derby, you must be outfitted accordingly.

Kentucky Derby

There are a several routes you can take apparel wise, but we all know that it’s all about the hat. Wide brimmed solid hats, adorned hats, fascinators, and fedoras are all solid choices.  Choose the one that compliments your personality best. We suggest picking the hat first and building your outfit around it. We found two great collections of Kentucky Derby hats, one from JenniferDawn84 (pictured below) on Polyvore and another on PatterPulp.

5-1-2013 12-04-37 PMA wide brimmed floral adorned hat with a solid color dress and spectator heels is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


If you opt for a floral dress, we recommend keeping the hat simple and solid. For a gender bender twist (and our favorite!), try a seersucker shorts suit paired back to a panama straw hat.


Need some Derby Day inspiration for your guy, we love this photo from the art of manliness.

Derby-2Now, grab a mint julep and let the races begin!

(images via kentuckyderby, yahoonews, loft, pinterest, nastygal, ahalife, forzieri, solesociety, bg, dresses from first outfit via Tog + Porter.)

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  • Amber

    seersucker short suit!?? done.

    • 05.02.2013

      I don’t have a party to go to, but I want to throw one just so I can wear this.

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