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How to define your style

7.13.2012 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

“What is my style?” Our style team unanimously agrees, it can’t be defined, it’s constantly evolving. With that in mind we encourage our clients to find what works for their body and lifestyle and roll with it. We’re not here to turn you into something you’re not, instead to give you total in confidence in what you are.

Here’s my personal style evolution anecdote for you. Yesterday, I bought my first one-piece bathing suit – it was a big day.  For the past 10 years I’ve been trying and just couldn’t do it. The one-piece was chic and glam in my mind, but on I always felt like I looked like an awkward 12 year-old or a mom (oh, wait, I am a mom). But, when I slipped on that glorious dark teal strapless suit with its gold ring detail, it happened. Bam! Style evolution in action!

I was inspired to share three tips for evolving (not defining) your look:

1. Always try new things. Even if, when colored jeans came back in style,  you winced and vowed never. Give it just a second look. Every trend improves when it comes around again and this could be the perfect time for you.

2. Stuck in a rut? Recognize the signs and act boldly. Five black tees and  6 pairs of dark wash jeans? It’s time to make a move. Donate a bunch and get some advice on adding new styles to your closet.

3. Be uniquely you. Your personality and body are unique. So, why would you want your style to be a carbon copy ? Feel like wearing red lipstick, a white tee and jeans one day and a flirty feminine dress with relaxed, Boho wavy hair the next. OK! Let’s do that. Be you. Every single day.

Credits: Lipstick: Arbonne International, Shoes: Me Too, Tee: Splendid, Denim: Paige Premium Denim, Maxi Dress: Tart Collections, Shoes: Frye, Hair: Via Pinterest, Bracelet: Bijouterie

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