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How New Technologies are Simplifying Holiday Shopping

12.17.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Shopping trends

Shopping for the perfect holiday gift can be quite the challenge, especially when you have to search store after store in order to simply find what you’re looking for. That quest has been made much easier thanks to new technologies that help organize and expedite to our holiday shopping hunt.

These days, when you have an idea for a great gift, the first place many people look to is the internet. Search engines make it easy to check out what’s in stock, compare prices, and read product reviews. The latest trend in internet shopping is what’s called “social shopping”. The internet’s version of word of mouth, social shopping is a way for fellow consumers to discover unique gift ideas, new places to shop, or pros and cons of specific products. Many of these websites are fashion-focused and allow users to post content about their favorite things, allowing other users to explore new product ideas and interact with like-minded shoppers.

Another technology trend that’s helping consumers shop quicker are smart phone applications that alert users of coupons and discounts in their area. Pocket (or purse) devices like Blackberries and iPads make it easy for women to know what to buy and where to buy it when they’re already out and about. Finding deals is also how many gift givers are spending their time on their smart phones and the internet. While mall-goers often buy items the same day they shop, people who use the internet as their resource know which days are best to buy.

This year, don’t leave your holiday shopping to the last minute and end up grabbing whatever’s left on the racks. Use new technologies and the internet as tools to research products, compare prices and connect with fellow shoppers.

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