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4.06.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

The truth is that some days you wake up and from that moment on you are consumed by your kids. You need to get to work and they need to get up, eat breakfast, be smart, go to med school and become fantastic adults. Problem is, with all these to dos, a mama sometimes scratches herself off the priorities list, which can result in the opposite of a hot mama. Here are a few pieces we love to give moms a fresh look without too much fuss.

Throw this Splendid vest over a basic tee and pair with jeans and a set of colorful flats and you have the perfect casual look.

Splendid Zipper Fleece Vest

A fabulous pair of shoes will change your life. This pair by Jessica Simpson is lightweight, comfortable, cute and easy to wear with skirts, jeans or dresses through spring and summer. The color goes with just about every other color under the sun meaning you can dash into these as you’re running out the door no matter what you’re wearing.

Jessica Simpson Matine

Step away from the T-Shirt. If you’re in a rut, a lot of times that starts with a horrible addiction to T-Shirts. May we introduce you to a layering piece that is begging for your attention. True, lots of pretty shirts aren’t all machine washable, but remember many silks are actually washable (hand-washable) and you don’t need to wash them every time you wear them. This Trinity tank adds a great pop of color to a basic black suit to spice up your workday or pair with twill pants and a denim jacket for an easy-going look

Trinity Silk Rust Tank

Tog+Porter is here to do all this work for you. Send clothes straight to your home or office and you decide what you love and what’s going back. Enlist a personal stylist to do the work for you today. Free roundtrip shipping is included.

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