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Holiday Decor Ideas

12.11.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah Inspiration, Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

There’s no place like home for the holidays. AT Tog+Porter we agree that one of our favorite things about the holidays are the decorations! Here are a few of T+P’s favorite decor ideas from our holiday Pinterest board:

1.Why not use gold spray paint to make the prettiest DIY gift wrapping accessories?


2. C0rdless LED light strands coiled up inside glass lanterns gives off a cozy glow.


3. Freeze cranberry skewers and pop them into the champagne to keep it cold.


4. Here’ s a list of 10 great handmade Hannuka decor ideas


5. A great tutorial on how to make a DIY Christmas ornament with your child’s picture.



(all links via: Tog+Porter Pinterest)


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