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SO not over the Hill(s)

For a girl that seemingly came out of nowhere, turned into a TV icon overnight – she certainly left her heel print in the fashion world.  A key Tog + Porter stylist component is asking a woman who she considers her style icon; a person who she perceives as always well put together and whose style she’d like to emulate.  This question, and ultimately answer, gives great insight to our Tog + Porter stylists – it tells us whether a client is feminine or fashion forward, bold or more muted – and it allows us to see who in Hollywood is really resonating with everyday women.


Seemingly panning age groups and demographics, is the iconic and sought after style of Lauren Conrad.  Her look reads as comfortable and casual, chic yet very approachable.  Style seeking women appreciate Lauren’s simple elements worn with confidence and ease, they recognize her subtle trend risks and want to emulate her flirtiness and femininity.


This beach girl has amped up the typical “girl next door” and made her slightly sexy, fun and everyday chic.  Whether she’s in flip flops and a mini skirt, or leather leggings and a tee; Conrad understands effortless elegance and emulates it flawlessly with a stylish edge worth stealing!

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