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Hey ladies, get your glitter back!

11.17.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Have you heard of “Fancy Nancy?”  Apparently, she’s a well-known character in a series of children’s books written by a woman named Jane O’Connor.  At first I was intrigued because I have a granddaughter, who while not yet old enough to appreciate the book series, I’m sure will be a “Fancy Nancy” once she’s old enough to dress herself.  I started reading an article about the author.  Turns out she’s 61 and the inspiration for her Leading Lady in her books is herself as a child.  She said “Six-year-old me definitely had a glittery side that the grown-up me had somehow lost.”

I got to thinking about the women I know who, like Ms. O’Connor, grew up in the 50s and 60s and came of age during the 70s.  We worked hard, some of us raised families, we competed with the men and along the way we “lost our glittery side.”  The thing is, it wasn’t just us.  Our entire culture has lost its glitter.  We are entranced by it among the Hollywood starlets who seem to come along in herds and period dramas like Mad Men.

But, when you think of everyday Americans, admit it, you see women in unisex oversized T-shirts, baggy shorts, crew socks and hefty sneakers every single day!

I bring this up because I know that many of us would love to be able to wear that chic new black pencil skirt and the sequined fitted T.  The question lingers though, where on earth would I wear it?  Our super casual American lifestyle has brought us comfortable clothes, but at what aesthetic cost?  Why does our lifestyle encourage casual and frumpy over  beautiful and sanguine, especially once we’ve reach 50?  I encourage you, whether you live in a small town in South Dakota or a large metropolis, do all you can to reinstate your “glitter.” A trip to the grocery store or a trip to Europe – it’s all the same, add beauty, womanliness, and grace in every activity – get dressed for the day with purpose. Who’d like to join my movement?

I can hear the uproar now:  “But I love being comfortable and not having to worry about how I look every time I leave the house.”  Think about the message you’re giving yourself, not to mention those you come in contact with — “No one really cares what I look like, I’m just an old lady. There’s no need for me to look fabulous anymore, I think I’ll just become invisible.”  You may not consciously think or say this, but you are subconsciously creating your own irrelevance. Fight back.

Today is the day you put on a little more lipstick and release your inner “Fancy Nancy.”

~Christine, T&P Style Porter and Glittery Goddess

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  • Caitlin

    Well said! Comfort clothes are so easy to wear, but we’re lying to ourselves if we think we dress as such because we simply don’t care about what others think. In reality, it’s because WE don’t care about what we look like — a sentiment reflected in our choice of apparel. When I sport the casual, comfy, sweat suit look, it’s most often because I’m trying to hide behind a veil of modesty so as to disappear among the crowd. But when my Fancy Nancy side comes out, I always feel more confident, self-assured and worthy of whatever attention I might get..especially the attention I pay to myself. Thanks for the post, Christine!

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