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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

10.23.2016 WRITTEN BY Christopher Everett Just for Fun, What to Wear

The greatest part about Halloween, apart from the candy of course, is dressing up your kids in what they dream of being. From movie characters and mythical creatures to superheroes and princesses, here are the top costume picks for kids this year.

Food costumes

A fresh take on kid’s costumes this year is dressing them as their favorite food item. Whether it’s an avocado, bacon, corn, taco, toast, waffles, or another delicious treat, there are many great food themed costumes for kids right now!

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For the fans of Zootopia, dressing as the two main characters will be a great option for this year. There are full costumes as well as accessories based on the Disney film and characters such as Judy Hopps the bunny and Nick Wilde the fox.

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Dressing as a dinosaur for Halloween would be a more difficult costume to complete. Luckily, this year there are a large amount of costume dedicated to the prehistoric creatures. If your child wants to make their costume different from others, they can wear a dinosaur fossil costume.  Keep in mind there are many options of dinosaurs, if you want to play it safe just have your child be the classic T-Rex.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There is a Star Wars costume that will fit each of your kids. It’s not just picks from the original films that will be on the block this Halloween. Star Wars: The Force Awakens costumes will be a big hit this year particularly the costume of Rey. Many kids identify with her strong and free character. Another great option that many kids love is Finn, the Stormtrooper who wouldn’t follow the commands of the First Order. Darth Vader wasn’t in the most recent film but every child still knows who this legendary character is. Most people being familiar with the characters from Star Wars makes these costumes a promising choice.

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What are your kids planning to dress up as? Does your child’s school have any difficult to accommodate rules around Halloween?

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