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Halloween, the last minute costume…

10.30.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

ft016_pumpkin19_lHere’s the deal with Halloween for me. Either I’m way into it or I completely forget about it until the day before. Thus,¬†leading to a crisis at Goodwill while I try to throw together a clever, fantastic costume by rummaging through used clothes that someone else used to think were, in fact, clever and fantastic.

Here, a couple of my favorite clever halloween costume ideas. Get inspired!

1. My dad actually rolls in at #1 for a costume he wore before I was even born. He rocked a crown, a gown (I think, honestly I didn’t look that closely at the picture) and to top it all off a sash that read “Miss Informed” You might be thinking, ummmm, OK. But, he and I look at that as the epitome of humor — sad, I know.

2. This second one is an ode to any and all who have or continue to partake in a little game called Flip Cup. A certain friend became a human flip cup one Halloween and I honestly don’t know how she went to the bathroom or fit through a door the whole night.

3. The ballerina. Silly you say? Well, think of it this way: you’re off to a Halloween party, the man of your dreams will be there, you want to look hot, but not in the slutty nurse/hoochie devil/angel combo kind of way.¬† You can show rockin’ gams, your killer figure and top it off with a cute little tutu that means you’ll mostly likely “accidently” brush into him on more than one occassion. Food for thought.

Have fun getting all dressed on this Halloween weekend. It should be a crazy, wicked one!


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