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Embrace It! Dressing Your Body Type.

8.02.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear, What to Wear

Time to embrace your body and start dressing it with love.
Summer can be pretty darn illuminating when it comes to the things we don’t like about our bodies, shining a literal bright light on every little spot we wish was smooth as silk. Here’s the reality check. We all have them. Cellulite on thighs, stomachs that are less than washboard worthy, fair skin, dark skin, freckles, age spots. It’s time to stop harping on the bad and start dressing your assets with the confidence that you are beautiful (as Mr. Mark Darcy of Bridget Jones would say) “Just as you are.”


Bigger booty, smaller waist, shoulders and bust.

Famous Pear: Jennifer Lopez.

This body type typically looks fantastic in dresses, specifically wrap dresses or loose chiffon dresses fitted on top or belted at the waist or ribcage. Beware of dress that pull across the hips. When shopping for denim look primarily for boot or wide leg jeans. You can do a skinny, but keep in mind that the skinny and tunic length top may not do you any favors as tops that fit your shoulders and bust may cling to your bum. T+P highly recommends a look like this, which emphasize your smaller waist, while balancing your lower half:

Inverted Triangle:

Broad shoulders, often moderate to large bust, straight waist and limited difference between hip and waist measurements.

Famous Inverted Triangle: Jessica Simpson

Often a very athletic build that can be tricky to dress, especially when you want a more feminine edge. The key, like dressing any shape, is balance. You too can wear a skinny, bootcut or wide legĀ  pant. Balance out your skinnies with longer, tunic length tops that will elongate your torso and draw attention to your hips and legs. Here’s another great combo an Inverted Triangle can wear.


Proportional bust to hips, with an itty bitty waist in between.

Famous Hourglass: Sofia Vergara.

We don’t like you. Just kidding, we do, that’s just jealousy talking. This body type seems like it should be easy to dress, but there are a few challenges — pants that gap at the waist, tops that hang over your waist rather than defining it. Many hourglass shapes have a similar problem as Pears, they feel like they constantly need to be wearing fitted tops to show off their waist. Remember, it’s a fine line between dressing your entire body well and only focusing on one part. Try a blousy top belted or a wrap dress that skims your waist. Again, any pant shape should work for you and as far as gapping in the waist goes — find an alterations professional and become her best friend. A great seamstress will take in the waist on your pants and it will look like they’ve never been touched.


Little to no waist definition, hip to shoulder ratio equal.

Famous Straight: Cameron Diaz

Look for pieces that create the illusion of curves — stripes and prints are a perfect cure for the straight waist. If anyone can wear a skinny jean, it’s you. A simple, easy to pull together look pairs a patterned blouse with a straight or skinny dark wash denim or pant. Straight bodies can certainly pull off a wide leg or bootcut as well, the key is to create some curve inducing magic by adding a wide hip belt or adding texture or pattern on top.


Broader through shoulders and torso, thinner thighs and legs. Typically stores weight around the middle, with limited waist definition.

Famous Apple: Catherine Zeta Jones

Often times apple shapes have very nice thighs and legs. Draw attention to this asset with pencil and a-line skirts or sheath dresses. Apples should avoid belting at the waist and look for jackets with detail like an exposed zipper straight up the middle or sweaters that lay open in front to create a nice long line. Longer tunic styles are a better fit for apples than blousy, short tops which tend to create a top heavy look. Try monochromatic tops and bottoms (all black for example) with a pop of color or detail in your jacket or sweater to balance your top and bottom. Scoop and V-Necklines with trim, lace or other detail will draw attention up. Avoid boatneck tops at all costs!

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