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DVF for Google Glass

7.07.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah New Trends, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

After years of development in phones, social media, tablets, etc… Are we finally witnessing the emergence of “smart fashion”? Designer Diane Von Furstenburg (of the famous wrap dresses) has teamed up with Google to create “DVF Made for Glass”, a fusion of fashionable eye wear and Google glass technology.

The eye wear promises to blend style with smart technology through a special pair of fashion forward sunglasses that integrate the Google glass itself, allowing the wearer to “blend their digital life seamlessly with their natural surroundings.” The line offers one model for women and three models for men, with the aim to make the Google glass more stylish, and “lessen the nerd factor” (full disclosure, we’ve played around with oneĀ  at the offices, and we love it!). At $1,800 for women and $1,650 for men, the eye wear is still quite pricey, but overall we at T+P think the fashion forward angle is a step in the right direction. What do you think? Would you sport one? Let us know in the comments below!

(links via: dvf, net-a-porter, psfk, fool)

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