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Dream Closets

5.22.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

While perusing Pinterest (our latest addiction here at T+P) we stumbled upon some fantastic closets. While none of us have nearly this much space (a girl can dream, right?) we loved gaining inspiration from some of our favorite digs. I’m loving the way they lined up all the shoes, heel–toe,  heel– toe, saves space on the shelf. Mine seem to all land in a pile at the bottom of the closet!


Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the striped rug and fireplace (wish I had a fireplace in my bedroom, let alone closet!) What’s in YOUR dream closet? Lots of shoes? All jeans and casual clothes? Do tell in the comments below! And be sure to check out our Pinterest board for even more jaw-dropping closets (one of them is two stories tall!)

And if your closet isn’t big, read our past post on maximizing closet space.

(Photo sources (from top left, clockwise) Jenna Lyons closet, Domino Magazine; Lonny Magazine; Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, Sex and the City (television show); Chloe Kardashian’s closet, the Covetuer)


2 Responses to “Dream Closets”
  • 05.22.2012

    What I would do to have that much space for shoes. . .

  • 05.29.2012

    Chairs in a closet is SO extremely useful bc sometimes without your guys’ help, picking out an outfit is exhausting! I’d prolly end up sitting down and just staring at my clothes.

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