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The Journey To Your Dream Closet: Part 1

5.08.2015 WRITTEN BY Alexandra Ledezma Inside Tog + Porter, T+P Blog Central, What We Do

As we continue our  journey to spring rejuvenation and rebirth, there’s no better time than to shed some light onto our closets. Change can be daunting when it comes to our wardrobes, especially when we don’t know where to begin. Here at Tog + Porter, we’re here to help you with your spring closet edits. We’d like to think of it as your closet carbon footprint: how can you reduce, reuse, and recycle pieces in your closet and optimize space for a seamless and organized system?

Spring closet edits and monthly audits will help you get on track to the perfect wardrobe with less hassle and time spent on deciding what to wear for the coming days ahead. If you’re suffering from Stuffocation and want to begin the change, let us help you get on track to the perfect closet of your dreams.

Tog + Porter Steps to a dream closet


When we’re feeling down, we tend to hit the racks (or web aisles) of our favorite stores. Before you catch yourself cashing out on a few too many blouses, head to your closet and begin shopping through your own clothes. Analyze your wardrobe staples and ask yourself do I really need another pair of black skinnies? What have you worn in the past month? What was the occasion? Can you wear it again or are you ready to let go and begin a donation collection?

In creating your dream closet, we must take everything out! Strip your closet of all its clothes and start with a blank canvas.

Begin by sorting through your clothes and making piles of tops, bottoms, and dresses. By doing this, you can see how many of each type of clothing you have. You may have a monstrous pile of pants and a nonexistent pile of shirts. Now, you have an idea of the items you need and need to get rid of.

After making your piles, make sub-piles of emotions. Which pieces make me feel most confident? Sexy? Or maybe even lazy? Now start to eliminate pieces that don’t make you feel great about yourself or pieces you have to much of. For, example if you have 20 “lazy” tops and 1 “going out shirt” you might want to toss a few “lazy” shirts. Process of elimination will help dwindle down the pieces that have the greatest impact on your overall emotional well being. Continue to do so with the rest of your big piles. Creating piles and sub-piles will make the process of cleaning your closet a lot easier.

Pile of shirtsTog + Porter Steps to a dream closet

Sorting your clothes is only the first step to creating the closet of your dreams. Stay posted as we continue our closet series all next week. If you’re in need of a closet makeover, schedule an appointment with a  Tog + Porter Personal Stylists and tell us what your closet needs are.

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