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We Gave, We Bought, and We Conquered: T+P Donates to #TechGivesBack

12.05.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah Just for Fun

Of course when we were asked to participate in the #TechGivesBack campaign the ladies of the Tog+Porter office said, “Yes!” And when the bins arrived, we didn’t let their size intimidate us, we’re always up for a challenge. Given that we had two November birthdays in the office, we decided to throw a joint birthday celebration where in lieu of gifts, we’d ask our guests to bring donations. When we discovered our friend Susan Kroger from Modcloth was also a November baby, we asked her if she wanted “in.”

The theme was: The Parties We Never Had, with each birthday girl celebrating a different party. She immediately jumped in with, “I want a Quinceañera, I want to wear one of those dresses!” “The more the merrier,” we thought and knew we were headed for one epic party.

The day began with each guest bringing their donations for #techgivesback. Then we got straight to celebrating, after all, we had four parties to cover in eight hours! After a Very Merry 30th Unbirthday and a Never-had Bachelorette, it was my turn. Unfortunately Susan was the victim of some last minute travel plans, and she missed her Quince. To honor her love of thrifting, we incorporated a scavenger hunt through Goodwill stores for dresses to wear to my Debutante Ball. I handed each girl these requirements:

scavenger hunt instructionsThe scavenger hunt was a blast (Susan, you would have been so proud) and needless to say, there were some real gems, one scandal, and surprisingly almost everyone wore red (hey, we’re not judging!).


Looking more like the cast of Dynasty, the newly frocked Debs wore their thrifted garb to my ball where they dined, danced, and competed for best dressed.


The contest winners included Overall Best Dressed, (seriously guys, it was hard to pick, some of these dresses were really cute!), Baddest Bitch (aka–it’s so bad it’s awesome), and Caused a Scandal (one guest managed to rock flaming red flared pants).


Here were the winners of the other two categories. Can you guess who won which? Post your guess in the comments section.


The next day, we asked each girl to donate her dress back to Goodwill, accessories and all. Some were a little sad to part with their new find (*cough* Tracey *cough*) but in the end everyone agreed to do it.

Mission accomplished!

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