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DIY Kid’s Halloween Costumes

Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating, candy, candy, and more candy is what Halloween is all about.  Of course, the perfect Halloween costume for the little ghouls in your life is what makes this holiday so darn fun.
And there is no need to rush out to your local costume shop.  Most of what you need to make a candy worthy costume is right at your fingertips.  We are especially fond of pop culture references for the little ones, which often times only requires re-purposing an existing dress or outfit (even pajamas!), shoes, accessories, and a touch of make-up to pull it all together.
Imagine mini versions of Holly Golightly, Anna Wintour, and Frida Kahlo ringing your doorbell!
girl's costumes
And who could resist a petite Clark Kent or Elliott with E.T. attached to him?!?
boy's costumes
It’s important to keep top of mind that the key to a successful and memorable All Hallows’ Eve is a little creativity and a whole lotta fun.

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