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Reader Question: How Can I Revamp My Denim?

7.18.2013 WRITTEN BY Noah Inspiration, Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

One of our male readers, Eric A. recently wrote in, “I’ve got some jeans whose fit and cut I really like, but whose wash and texture is rather uninspired. A few ideas… dye, or a texture treatment? I’ve read a few different articles online on finishes — either the wax/linseed oil/turpentine waxing, or melting a fabric wax into the denim, or painting an acrylic+gloss mix on top.  But different people report varying results…  Do you guys have any personal experience?”

Wow Eric, you are quite the ambitious DIYer. We do love ourselves some DIY action here at Tog + Porter, but we can’t say we’ve ever experimented with wax or acrylic treatments, but fashion blogger Jennine over at thecoveted has and made this helpful tutorial on wax coating your jeans. And our friends over at FabSugarTV made this tutorial on coating your denim with an acrylic gloss mixture. A word of caution, make sure to use fabric safe products so they don’t eat your denim and be mindful that adding a coating to your denim tends to make them cold-weather specific.

We do love the idea of re-vamping your favorite denim though and your question inspired us to make a list of our favorite DIY tutorials from around the web.

1. Tie Dye Denim from StateofUnique.com


2. Dip Dye your denim with WhoWhatWear.com


3. Get colorful with good ol’fashioned Rit dye

04, 24_13 - Bucket Dyed Jeans1

4. Distress your denim like SayYesToHoboken.com


We’ve also learned from our own experiments that cheese graters are another great tool for distressing denim.

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