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We Custom Tailor Trends Just for You

One of the biggest questions many women ask themselves is “how do I wear it”? Season by season, new trends come and go. Some you might love and wear forever, others may be a fleeting romance, and then there are the ones that you just don’t want anything to do with. But once you see a trend that resonates with you, be it graphic black and white, bold costume jewelry, or super flare pants for example, the next hurdle is, so how do you make it your own?

fashion victim vs fashionista

At Tog + Porter, our stylists work with you to custom tailor your favorite trends to your style and body type. There are few things more unbecoming than a woman who looks like she is sporting a trend she has no idea how to pull off. Never let the clothes “wear you” so to speak. Instead, let our Tog + Porter stylists guide you and make you the most stylish girl in the room by helping you wear your favorite trends in the most flattering way possible.

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