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How to Create Layers Without Looking Bulky

9.06.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie Celebrity Style, How to Wear

Fall is here and it is time to layer up. Layering can make you look bulky, but done the it right way will make you look lean and stylish. Here are a few great examples of layering by Bar Rafaeli, Sienna Miller and Emma Stone. One the other hand we have a few celebrities who just didn’t get it right, such as The Olsen twins and Olivia Palermo.


The key to layering is you want to make sure the items you are layering on top of one another are thin.  You don’t want to add layers on top of thick garments because it will make you look bulky. Not to mention that thick clothing don’t necessarily mean warmer. A couple layers of thin items will keep in your body heat better than thick items.  Here is an example of a good layered outfit. Throw on your black collared shirt, add your polka dotted sweater over and place your the collar over the sweater then put on your thin leather jacket. Jump into your skinny jeans, kick on your knee high boots over your jeans and put on your accessories and you have your layered look complete.




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