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Colorful Mascaras

10.04.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie T+P Blog Central


We often thicken and elongate our lashed with black or brown mascara, but have you ever thought about colored mascara? Yes colored mascara.  It is a great way to play up your eyes and add a pop of color to your face. When adding this beauty trend to your look, you want to make sure you keep the rest of your makeup simple.  Celebrities such as Maria Menounos, Rihanna and Lea Michele are a few celebrities who rocked this beauty trend perfectly.  They played up their eyes with their colorful mascaras and kept their lips simple and nude. Adding a bold lip to this beauty trend will only overwhelm your face, so keep the makeup simple and add your colorful mascara for a pop of color.  What color mascara will you be using?



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