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Colored Tights

4.09.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

One of my favorite ways to spice up an outfit is to add a pair of bright or fun patterned tights. With the right skirt, dress, shorts or romper, tights can add the perfect amount of chic style to your outfit. Most people think tights are more of a winter piece, but while the temperatures are below about 75, you can still get away with them, plus they add a nice layer while it is windy.

Colored Tights: I will admit that at first I was skeptical about trying a pair of colored tights, but if you balance them with a subtle dress or skirt they can really complete your look at make your legs POP! This past winter I embraced several dark purple hues along with a fun forest green. However, for the spring it is only fitting to venture into lighter shades and more pastels. These colors can be tricky to pull off, so listen up! Pair lighter greens and blues with a fun print that has a hint of the color in it. Try avoid being too matchy-matchy because then you might end up looking like an Easter Peep! Hue provides a ton of fun colors that will surely spark people’s attention.

Print Tights: Printed tights are the trickiest of all. Do not pair prints with other prints. Instead, try pairing them with a bold color on top, or keep it simple with nudes and cream shades. All in all look for prints that will flatter your body shape and that will not make you look shorter. Anything with vertical lines will give your legs length. Pair them with bright flats or neutral heels for the best look.

Fishnet/Crochet Tights: My favorite tight of all is a good nude fishnet. Betsey Johnson¬† has a fabulous pair that have the sexy seam up the back for only $18.00. They work well with almost any skirt or dress and can give your legs a smooth look. There are variations of the standard fishnet that look more like a crochet pattern. These are also fun, but make sure the pattern is not too big and that you get the right size, or else things could get ugly…

Tights can replace jewelery as your statement accessory. In fact, try to avoid any jewelery that is too out there, and let the tights do the talking. Also, try to stay away from black tights once the sun is shining, because they tend to give your outfit a winter vibe. Remember that when done right, tights can be the perfect compliment to a fabulous outfit!

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