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Aqua: Color Inspiration

8.22.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear

As August comes to an end (can it really be so?), we at T+P thought it was high time for a little color inspiration. Our color of the summer? Aqua. It’s cool and soothing, yet bright and cheerful at the same time. And nothing says paradise like those Caribbean hues. Before summer comes to a close, cheer yourself up this weekend with a little color inspiration:

aqua aqua aqua 75049ef0d5aa1ed3dcbac82b73c78630 539160eaf6f51b26f7a42a2ef892c8f3 a966e3a09e053b1003fe20808c92bfdf b61864f134a588723164a0e05524b51a c352fb21d4b18bc97e92108ce2b97087 e125e3cbe864b8a1359b155c69887967 f5768380043f007bc6ef69535bbf030d

(Images via: Tog+Porter Pinterest, Decositter Pinterest)



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