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Color blocking…..love it or hate it?

4.18.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

Tog + Porter stylist, Tracie, gives you a guide to one of spring’s boldest trends, color blocking!

First of all, some of you might be wondering what color blocking is? Color blocking is the idea of wearing solid colored garments together or wearing one garment that has large blocks of solid colors. This is one of the biggest trends for Spring 2011. However, it is probably one that people are most fearful to wear because we tend to shy away from mixing too many colors for fear that they will clash.

Personally, this is great way to show your style, creativity and have fun with fashion. I say throw caution to the wind, be bold, and don’t be afraid to clash! I have a few suggestions on how to wear this trend:

1. Think of the whole picture when putting an outfit together.

2. Pick either contrasting or complimentary colors. Don’t be afraid to try colors you wouldn’t expect to go together.

3. Wear no more than 3 colors at a time and keep your accessorizing simple!

Of course if you are afraid to wear bold colors but still want to get the color blocking effect then you can try wearing blocks of black and white stacked on top of each other or side by side. Another option to make this trend even easier for you to achieve is to just wear one garment that is already color blocked.

So, when you are searching your closet for something to wear this week, try some simple color blocking! Pair a bright top with a fun skirt or pants and go from there. If you want to learn more about playing with color feel free to email me at Tracie@togandporter.com!

2 Responses to “Color blocking…..love it or hate it?”
  • 05.28.2011

    It looks like it will be very short lasting trend, having been covered by every magazine. It looks like Zara is getting quite the kick out of it, but the bold color combinations in have completely disappeared if you look at the next fall/winter season… I think I will be sticking with black, white, greys and neutrals instead of buying a wardrobe that I probably won’t wear again…

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