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Why Coated Denim Rocks

Here at T+P, we are oh so thankful for the coated denim trend. Want to know why? Because we thought about wearing those trendy leather pants too at one point, but gave ¬†up on it pretty quickly. Who want’s to spend over $300 on a pair of pants that you an barely move in, aren’t breathable,and are totally unforgiving after a few too many bites of holiday pie?


Not us. Waxed denim gives the illusion of leather, with all the stretch, comfort and affordability of denim. So cool, right? Try pairing yours with soft winter sweaters and flowy blouses for day, and a structured jacket at night for a sexy- rocker chic look.


Want to find the perfect pair of coated denim for you? Contact a T+P stylist right away!

(links via: gamedayrunway, piece of chic, becauseimaddicted)

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