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How to Find Your Closet Potential

5.06.2015 WRITTEN BY Alexandra Ledezma Inside Tog + Porter, T+P Blog Central, What We Do

It’s 9:00 AM and you’re ready to pick out your outfit for the day. While scoping through your closet, you just can’t seem to find anything to wear. “I have no clothes” may be your morning mantra and before you know it, you’re scavenging through your overstocked closet, contemplating what to put together. You end up wearing the same thing from last Thursday, only hoping no one notices your repeated outfit. If this ever happens to you, you’re not alone!

If you’re one of the many with “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” syndrome, we’re here to help. We know your closet has hidden potential. Why not seize the moment of disparity and start revamping the closet you always dreamt of? Here at Tog + Porter, we understand how overwhelming a closet change can be. From donation piles to storage bins, change is never easy and less never seems to be more.

If you’re ready to change the way your closet looks, start by scheduling an appointment with your Tog + Porter personal stylist. Let them know what your trying to get away from or may need more of.



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