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Closet Organization 101 — The 10 Minute Closet Purge

7.29.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

Closet organization brought to you by T+P Stylist, Katie.

Lurking in the back of your closet, hidden from view, waiting in the shadows until that fateful morning when you are hunting for your favorite fuchsia maxi dress and….AAARRGH there they are.  The clothes that, despite our best efforts, just aren’t working. The embellished tank that never really coordinated with anything else. That gorgeous pair of charcoal gray wool pants that accidently did a cycle in the dryer and are now an inch too short.  Your favorite high-waisted pencil skirt that, on a post-baby body, looks more scary than flattering. These beautiful pieces are now relegated to the back of the closet, mocking you as you try to find something you actually CAN wear.

After my daughter was born, I was overwhelmed with the amount of clothing hiding in my closet that simply no longer fit my body or my lifestyle.  The problem was, I LOVED these clothes, and even though I couldn’t justify hanging onto them anymore, I actually had an emotional attachment to these pieces!  How to “get rid of them,” without actually “getting rid of them?” I came up with a quick solution; I had no time to do a full closet purge, but I would do a mini one!

I grabbed three shopping bags, and divided and conquered.  My absolute favorite pieces, the ones that I just couldn’t part with, went to people I knew would appreciate them as much as I had. I could even see my too-short-for-me pants fit perfectly on my awesome best bud.  The clothes that still had tags (oops) and those that weren’t going to work for anyone I knew, got consigned, which was like getting paid to purge! Feel like a donation is more up your alley? Dress for Success would love to have your gently worn professional clothes. Find a location by clicking here.

Lastly, one tiny box is now stored in my basement, next to my husband’s golf clubs. This is the box of clothes that aren’t even worth anything, really, except for sentimental value. They don’t need to hang out in my closet, and I made a promise to myself that I cannot use this basement box as “extra storage space,” just a place to keep treasured items.

Enjoy your newfound closet space and check back in on your closet every six months. Anything you haven’t worn, toss it in a bag. Give it a week to see if you can’t live without it, otherwise say adios and add some new spice to your closet.

Happy purging!

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