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Client Spotlight: Catherine Cunningham

8.02.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie Customer Profiles

We have another REMARKABLE women to introduce you to. Meet Catherine Cunningham. She’s an Advertising Officer in the United States Marine Corps. From the pics she’s shared, it’s hard to imagine Catherine looking anything but adorable. But she says it wasn’t long ago that she was stuck in a style rut.

Our Q & A with Catherine:

1. Why did you contact T+P?
I originally contacted T+P because I recognized that I needed a change, nothing drastic but I was in a rut and didn’t know what the first step should be to get out.  I found myself looking the same every single weekend (my only time to dress up because I’m a Marine Officer and wear utilities 5 days a week) and each time I was invited to an event, regardless of dress code, I said the same thing, “I have no idea what to wear”.  It wasn’t for a lack of individual items in my closet, it was that NOTHING went together to make an outfit.  T+P turned my lack of style into a closet that people actually compliment.

2. What is your day-to-day?
It varies every single day, that’s part of the fun: you never know what to expect when you work with Marines.  However, each day usually contains at least one workout and/or run and several conference calls with my counterparts at the JWT advertising agency in Atlanta.

3. Rate your packing skills (1 — I always have the biggest suitcase on the plane to 5 — I’m a super packer, everything mixes and matches perfectly).
That’s easy: 2 before Maureen and 5 after Maureen.  Now I have so many wonderful options and no matter what pieces I choose I know they will all coordinate, it’s wonderful!

4. What is your favorite T+P piece?
My Collective Concept blouses.  I have two that Maureen has sent me (Navy blue w/ polka dots and pink) and they are true wardrobe extenders!  They have classic lines but fun colors/prints that keep them interesting and I wear them with everything from skinny jeans and shorts to pencil skirts, they flawlessly dress up or down.

5. What has been the best thing about working with Maureen?
Maureen is great at knowing what will and won’t work in my closet, with items I already have and with my lifestyle- I travel a lot for commercial/poster shoots and it’s necessary that my clothes travel well and can multifunction.  The best part is, she’ll walk me through how to wear each item and how it goes with other T+P items to create an outfit.  She’s helping me learn how to make an outfit so I can do it on my own, but she’s always there when I have a big event (such as a rehearsal dinner or two) and need advice on what to wear, which shoes will work best, and what accessories will work on multiple outfits.  In a few words: she’s a fashion lifesaver!

Thanks again Catherine for sharing with us and providing the pics. We love seeing our work in action.

(Graphic by Katie Thompson)

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