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2.11.2013 WRITTEN BY Ellie Customer Profiles, T+P Blog Central

Just wanted to share some feedback Tog + Porter stylist Maureen recently received from our darling client Lea:

So I basically stayed up all night last night having so much fun trying on the clothes you sent in different ways… I had to refrain from sending you more pictures! I paired the chunky sweater (properly tucked thanks to you) with ripped jeans rolled up and pumps and it was super cute. Then today I wore the oatmeal (which I’m sure is going to look like my uniform by the end of the season) with the little belt and a black pencil skirt/boots. I finally got to try on everything for my husband and he loves your picks too! He knows what I mean about the fit of the blazer, but he likes it so much he wants me to look into tailoring it. And I could not have been more wrong, he loved the sweater, he totally got it, I didn’t even have to tell him what I was going to pair it with! This is so exciting, I feel like there is hope for me and I have you to thank! : )


Thanks so much for sending in the pic Lea, we love it! Don’t ever hesitate to send in as many as you want. Your outfits sound fabulous and we’re so happy we could help you and that the hubby approved. Yay!

Do you have a picture of yourself in your favorite Tog + Porter outfit? Send it in. We’d love to see it.



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