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3.21.2013 WRITTEN BY Ashley Customer Profiles, What We Do

We were delighted to receive this note from Melani G. yesterday. Melani is a co-founder of craft brew finder, TapHunter along with her husband, Jeff. She lamented that since he joined a men’s service similar to Tog+Porter, his wardrobe was far outpacing hers. It’s about time she gets to catch up and she shared her Tog+Porter experience with our stylist Emily on her blog. Thanks Melani!


Meet with Tog+Porter stylist, Emily to get your own wardrobe kick started!

2 Responses to “Client Feedback”
  • Vicki Broman

    That would be my amazing daughter Melani…yes, Mom is seriously thinking about a personal stylist also…fabulous job Tog & Porter

    • 03.21.2013

      Vicki, Thanks for stopping by. We’re pretty impressed by your daughter too and love that you stopped by to comment. Reminds us of our own moms!

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