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12.13.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Celebrity Style

Remember back when The O.C. was the hottest show on television? Well, while most stars from that show are now wallowing away in memories of their glory days, Rachel Bilson is noticeably looking cute all around town.

Here is one of Rachel’s red carpet looks, in which she truly rocks the leopard print dress.

We adore her style for a few reasons:

1. She is not afraid to try some new and different looks.

2. She likes to LAYER!

3. She incorporates a lot into her looks, but at the same time it doesn’t look like she is trying too hard.

4. She loves a lot of the same designers and brands that we love! She has been spotted wearing the James Twiggy quite a few times, as well as Paige Premium Denim!

We think that Rachel is a good example of how women in their mid to late 20’s can pull off cute clothes and be stylish without having to reveal too much skin, or be too on top of the trends.

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  • 12.21.2010

    I love Rachel Bilson’s style, she is adorable! I was thinking of blogging a look for less on her leopard gown soon.

    xoxo, Elizabeth

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