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Celebrity Fashion Icon part 1

7.13.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley Celebrity Style

I have 2 current celebrities whose fashion expertise (or that of their stylist) I adore. The first is Camilla Belle.

I don’t really know much about this girl, besides the fact that 1. she dated a jonas brother (i don’t get it) 2. she is basically my age 3. her eyebrows kinda creep me out and 4. she was in that ridiculous horror movie about some cell phone killer or something….

BUT I also know that whenever I see photos of her she looks classy and extremely put together. I love most everything I have seen her in and she really knows how to dress for her body type. Observe:

Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

3 Responses to “Celebrity Fashion Icon part 1”
  • 07.13.2010

    My celebrity fashion icon is Kate Moss (am I allowed to vote being a guy?) The original clothes horse and still the best. I guess Twiggy was the original but I’ll stick with Kate – she’s far more rock’n’roll….

  • 07.15.2010

    Can I just say I love your breakdown of Camilla Belle? I am with you 100% percent. Gorgeous style, totally classic. Looking forward to part 2!

  • Whitney

    Kate Moss is pretty high up there on my list too!

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