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From the Screen to the Street

Ever had one of those days where you’re running low on outfit inspiration? An easy fix—draw inspiration from characters from your favorite classic films. Think Holly Golightly and take their looks from the screen to the street. Below, we’ve assembled some modern takes from your favorite classic movie characters. Breakfast at Tiffany’s images via: Vogue images via:Read entire article »

Korea’s Amazing Skincare Products

7.28.2017 WRITTEN BY Sasha Kupisk How to Wear, Just for Fun, New Trends

There’s nothing more stylish than healthy, clear skin. Skin is our body’s biggest organ, so it’s imperative we take care of it. Radiant skin, just like a fabulous outfit, makes you feel confident and polished. These days, Korean skin care products are some of the hottest on the market. Simple, effective and all the rage,Read entire article »

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

10.23.2016 WRITTEN BY Christopher Everett Just for Fun, What to Wear

The greatest part about Halloween, apart from the candy of course, is dressing up your kids in what they dream of being. From movie characters and mythical creatures to superheroes and princesses, here are the top costume picks for kids this year. Food costumes A fresh take on kid’s costumes this year is dressing them asRead entire article »

The Oscar’s Best Dressed

3.01.2016 WRITTEN BY Madison Kiera Celebrity Style, Just for Fun

In spite of the many opportunities celebrities have to showcase their style, the Oscar’s have always been the ultimate style stage to debut formal attire. It’s one event where the stars heed to restraint–their mission: to portray their elegance and charisma. It’s a chance to show the world that the red carpet is where theyRead entire article »

Don’t Be a Cliché this Valentine’s

2.12.2016 WRITTEN BY Madison Kiera Inspiration, Just for Fun

Valentine’s Day is a special opportunity for us to take a step back from the chaos of our daily lives and reconnect with what makes it all worthwhile: LOVE. Unfortunately, this holiday has become increasingly commercialized and routine. Take the unpredictable route this year and surprise your valentine(s) with something unexpected. Surprise your spouse or boyfriendRead entire article »