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What We Do: Style Solutions

7.29.2015 WRITTEN BY Alexandra Ledezma Inside Tog + Porter, What We Do

Everyday you walk up to your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear.Your closet is filled to the brim, but nothing seems worthy to wear in public. You come to the realization that your closet is boring and you need to revamp your style. Don’t worry, many people (including me) feel the same way every morning.Read entire article »

Packing Tips

7.08.2015 WRITTEN BY Alexandra Ledezma Inside Tog + Porter, T+P Blog Central

Traveling is so much fun until you have to pack. It’s hard to pack. You want to bring your whole wardrobe because you never know what you might need, but you can’t fit it all in your suitcase. Here’s 5 tips to make packing easier for you. Roll your clothes  By doing this you willRead entire article »