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How to Care for your Cashmere

1.10.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

Everyone loves cashmere, am I right? It’s so soft and warm, you’d be crazy not to. This could be the reason we at T+P have developed something of a cashmere addiction, which come wintertime can make for some pretty shocking dry cleaning bills. Well, as it turns out, there is a solution. Apparently you don’t really need to take your cashmere to the dry cleaners unless the situation is drastic- we’re talking spilled wax, sticky syrup, etc… All you really need to do is wash it gently in cold water. No kidding! Proper storage during the warmer months doesn’t hurt either. Here’s how to care for your cashmere at home.

Here’s what you’ll need: gentle cashmere shampoo or laundry soap, a bowl or sink filled with enough cold water to submerge your garment, and a clean terry cloth towel.

DIY Cashmere Care

DIY Cashmere Care

1. Mix a gentle laundry soap into a sink or bowl filled with cold water. You can also use gentle baby shampoo, like Johnson and Johnson no tears. Swirl water and soap around to mix.

2. Submerge your cashmere in the cold water. Swirl and press the cashmere gently, you want to make sure its clean, but rough handling will cause the cashmere to loose its shape. DO NOT RING OUT YOUR CASHMERE, this has the potential to totally ruin the shape and puts stress on the fibers.

3. Remove cashmere from water, and place on a dry, clean, terry cloth towel. Gently roll the towel, rolling the cashmere up inside of it. Do this twice, flipping the cashmere over for the second roll. This soaks up excess moisture in a gentle way.

4. Lay cashmere flat on the towel and allow to dry. Your cashmere should be dry within 24 hours, thicker cashmere will take more time.

Fresh, Clean Cashmere

Fresh, Clean Cashmere

5. And your done! Your cashmere will look and smell fresh and clean. For proper storage, fold cashmere and place in bins or canvas bags, you want the cashmere to get some air, but you want to keep moths and other creepy crawlers out. If your cashmere is extra special, place tissue between each garment when you store to act as a barrier. Place a sachet filled with herbs like lavender to repel bugs and keep your knits smelling fresh.

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