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Buying and Caring for Designer Denim

9.29.2009 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Whether you’re a designer denim expert or a newbie just breaking in your first pair, we have a few tips for you to get the most out of your favorite, fabulous jeans.

Buying Designer Denim:

1. Between Sizes? ALWAYS size down to the smaller stretch. No matter the denim or the marketing:) your designer denim will always stretch 1/2 to a full size.

2. Hemming. If you are perfectly 5’8″ with gorgeous gazelle legs you don’t need to read this and yes, we all dislike you a little bit right now, but if not take note. Hemming is privilege. You get the opportunity to personalize your jeans to fit you just perfectly. So, original hem or basic, the debate begins. Well, there really isn’t any debate at all.

Original Hem

Any denim with any kind of distressing or change in coloration below the hem should be hemmed with the original hem, where a good seamstress will cut off the original hem and reattach it immaculately.

Basic Hem

The basic hem works for all over super dark denim and is made even better with a good seamstress who will make it her passion to match the stitching perfectly.

3. Washing vs. Dry Cleaning: A lot of denim is now being sold with care tags that list dry cleaning as the preferred option for cleaning your denim. I, personally, am notorious for washing and drying my jeans and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, when denim has stretched out I need for it to shrink back. You also have the option to hang to dry.

In my opinion, dry cleaning is a way for designer denim companies to cover their bums. Dry cleaning can actually be far more damaging to your clothes in the long run than some good old fashioned water. I do recommend washing inside out to maintain color and washing on a gentle cycle. Do NOT wash you jeans after every wear, it is not necessary.

As for dry cleaning. Do it if you are a little anal and think it’s a must do and because a lot of your jeans are now telling you to do it. But, please don’t do it often for the sake of that beautiful indigo cotton.

Final note on natural indigo dye. It will rub off on clothes, shoes, couches, etc. Make sure you wash it alone or with other dark denim in its first wash to deal with some of the left over dye. After that, be aware that some denim will leave a residue so don’t wear them with your favorite suede shoes while skipping through the rain (I have some fuschia suede heels that will tell you quite the sob story)

Last (I swear this is the last thing): Enjoy your designer denim, love it, admire it and check out your bum often in it just because it looks that good.


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