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Building Your Personal Style Part II

If you missed part 1 of Building Your Personal Style, click here. In this post, we’re going to tackle shopping for your personal style and who better to take notes from than Cher Horowitz from Clueless.

But before you like totally hit the mall like Cher, first shop your closet.  Moderneve has created an awesome infographic on wardrobe editing  to help get you started.

We suggest you start by creating 3 piles:
-Items that fit, have been worn in the last 6 months, and are classics.
Trade or Sell
-Items that do not fit, have not been worn, or do not project the image you want.
-Items beyond repair that cannot be donated.

Now it’s time for the fun part, shopping! Or perhaps a better way to think about it is: edited shopping. Stores are designed to distract you, so keep focused and remember to bring your inspiration boards with you for reference. Instead of looking for what’s on sale or super trendy, look at your influences and ask yourself, “What are the essential pieces needed to create this look?” Create a mantra for yourself : “Does this look Parisian Chic? or “Is this item essential?” 

Of course every wardrobe needs a few highlight pieces that standout or show the fun side of your personality. A good rule of thumb when considering purchasing these pieces should be: “Can I wear this item to at least 3 places?” (Work, Weekends, Events).

Edited shopping can save you money in the long run as you start thinking about cost-per-wear versus what a great deal or this is so hot right now, but we know it’s difficult, especially when you’re crunched for time. This is one of the reasons Tog + Porter was created.

We’d love to help make this part of your life easier and more fun. Schedule a style consult with one of our amazing stylists and be on your way to painlessly projecting your ideal self. We can even help you with the hard parts like closet auditing and creating the best brand for yourself. We’ll even refer you to places to trade and swap your clothes. All for free, all you pay for is the clothes you decide to keep. This is our passion, so let us help you!

(Images via: A Very Sweet Blog, MTVGlamourBollyfirst)

2 Responses to “Building Your Personal Style Part II”
  • deb

    awesome post!! after i purged my closet it was actually easier to get dressed. i’m overdue for another round..

  • Angela

    I just cleaned out my closet this past weekend and it was really refreshing. Makes it easier to shop your own closet before hitting the stores.

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