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Bring on the Flower Power

2.27.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear

In her first Stylist post, Rachel reviews the Seventies revival hitting the  fashion scene this spring.

I’d been hearing rumors about the upcoming spring trends influenced by the 1970’s and thought to myself,  Hmmm, this could be…interesting…

But the second I saw the spread of Olivia Wilde in the December issue of InStyle magazine, I was hooked.  The warm colors and sleek sophistication of these pieces had me singing a different tune (specifically, “Stayin’ alive…”).
I love the sideways flow and red ombre of this short little silk dress.  The golden sandals are worthy of a goddess and completely perfect this outfit.  I love love love it!

I’m not usually a huge fan of a jumpsuit, but I couldn’t stop admiring the boat-neck and golden shimmer of this one.  I love it coupled with the wide-brimmed straw hat, combining the ’70’s glam with a splash of the safari-inspired wear also showing up this spring.

The jewelry really transforms this simple velvet sheath into a stunning work of art.  I love the way the statement necklace adds a touch of intrigue to the simple neckline.  The golden wrist cuffs are drool-worthy, and they look great with many other types of outfits as well (see next photo).

This white pantsuit is striking in its pure starkness.  I love the flare leg (another nod to the ’70’s that we’re starting to see more of again); combined with the belted white jacket and super-tall platform heel, this outfit is deliciously spring-ready!

If these outfits are a good indication of what’s to come, I say, Bring on the flower power!

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  • Whitney

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you mention in this post! I too, am excited to play with the 60’s/70’s style!

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