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Staying on Trend

Here at Tog+Porter, our stylists are prepared to give you a little tough love when it comes to your style. Sometimes what you really need isn’t your best friend’s opinion, but that of a professional. Our stylists know when to tell you that the dress you’ve been saving for the past 8 years, just isn’t going to be on trend again any time soon.


Real advice from an objective industry professional is often just what people need to pull themselves out of a rut. Been wearing the same jeans for the last decade? Its probably time for a new cut. One of the quickest ways to bring your look up to date is to ask one of our T+P girls, “Does this work for me?” Believe us, if it does, we’ll let you know- and if it doesn’t, we promise to let you down easy!


Need a little tough love? Our Tog+Porter stylists are here to help!

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