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Brighten Up January With Your Holiday Sparkle

1.10.2013 WRITTEN BY Maureen Style Guide, T+P Blog Central

Amidst a Holiday hangover (party dresses to the max) and with spring style not yet in season, January can feel like a fashion frump. There is no reason however to let those specialty pieces hide in the back of your closet – it’s just about mixing them up and making them work as daytime attire. A touch of sequins can make you shine (literally), and add new looks to your wardrobe for 2013.

For example, tone a sparkle blazer down with denim and simple shirting:

Did you invest in a shimmery sweater for a special soiree?! Wear it again and again back to simple leggings and sneakers! (think sweatshirt)

Leggings are the ultimate go-to for comfort and a sequin pair adds a lot of fun to a simple style. I can’t get enough of mine and paired them back to (my husband’s) flannel for an easy look with a lot of play.

Not enough wear out of that cocktail number? Throw a cardigan over it and take your LSD (little sequin dress) from play to day.

So see, sequins don’t deem night and don’t have to read dressy. A little juxtaposition is necessary and can be delightful as well as take your wardrobe a long, long way!

(images via theglitterguide, Lisa Distelburger on Pinterest, Maureen Borsodi, kenziefaith, atinymachine)

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