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Blowouts Are Back

5.28.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central

Body and bounce are in, but we all know giving yourself a great blowout at home is tricky, so we’ve gathered some tips from stylists and compiled a list of our favorite products.

1. The one thing all stylists agree on is that having the right tools is key. Having tested out a few hair dryers myself, I can vouch for the Elchim 2001, works best with the nozzle attachment. As far as brushes go, I like the Marilyn brush, which is made from natural boar-bristle and has a ceramic coated barrel, although some of the stylists we talked to swear by nylon bristles–they say they create less breakage.

2. L.A. stylist Eric Bilardi says to start off by sectioning off your hair and to make sure you keep your round brush moving as you blow out each section. Our favorite types of clips for sectioning off hair are Marianna’s extra strength clips and/or regular butterfly clips.

3. Another great way to get lasting volume is to wrap your hair in velcro rollers after drying it. It’s important not to use self-grip rollers though because these damage hair. Instead, use double prong clips to secure classic velcro rollers. If you’re hair is color-treated or damaged, the stylists even suggest putting a piece of tissue on the ends of your hair before wrapping.

I found a great video tutorial on InStyle’s website. The only thing I’d leave out is the mousse because I like my blowouts to last a couple of days. More tips on that later this week.

Do you have any great blowout tips? Please share in the comments.

5 Responses to “Blowouts Are Back”
  • 05.29.2012

    Great post! I’ve got terrible hair these days (toddler, combined with awkward growing out phase, plus thin hair equals not pretty!) Looking forward to trying some of these tips, and looking for the right tools!


    • 05.30.2012

      You’ll have to let us know how it goes Shannon. Maybe you’ll have more tips to share. Keeping a blowout looking good in humidity is extra hard. Darn weather.

  • 05.29.2012

    I have super curly hair and it’s kinda thin, so leaving my hair to dry 3/4ths of the way before blowdrying makes it WAY easier to blowdry and get maximum volume bc of the curls.

  • 05.29.2012

    Great tip Alexis, thanks for stopping in. I’ll need to try that.

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