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Best Dressed at the Oscars

2.28.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley How to Wear, Inspiration

Last night the best in film came out to honor each other at The Academy Awards. It was quite the show, although we were more concerned with what went on before the awards, the red carpet! We even live tweeted our thoughts on what everyone was wearing, here!

We have compiled a list of our best dressed ladies, and let me tell you it was quite a tough race! Almost everyone we saw on the red carpet looked amazing (thanks to their stylists!) That got us thinking… if only everyday women could have a personal stylist… but don’t get us started.

Here are our top 3 picks for best dressed at the Oscars:

#3 Jennifer Lawrence (The Winter’s Bone)

Jennifer Lawrence was one of the first ladies on the red carpet, and she really set the bar high! She looks absolutely flawless in this red Calvin Klein dress. Less really IS more! She kept the hair, jewelry, and makeup simple and let her rockin’ body do the wowing!

#2 Mila Kunis

I have to give it to Mila Kunis, she really worked it this award season! She is now a veteran on our Best Dressed list and last night she did not disappoint in one of my favorite dress designers, Elie Saab. I love everything from the soft color, to the lace detail on her chest. This entire look is perfect, and she looked so gorgeous!

#1 Gweneth Paltrow

I ABSOLUTELY loved this Calvin Klein dress that Gweneth Paltrow wore. Everything from the way it shines and looks like water cascading down her, to the geometric neckline. This was my favorite dress of the evening. I do, however, wonder what that is sitting on her hip, but even that didn’t thwart me from voting her best dressed of the night! Also, ditch the huge earrings that are going to make you have saggy ears, Gwenny!

Because there were just too many amazing looks from last night, I had to include TWO honorable mentions! Looks that were almost perfect, but just not quite there.

Honorable Mention: Amy Adams

I loved Amy Adams in this L’Wren Scott navy gown. It looks smokin’ on her post-baby bod! I don’t, however, love the styling. Ditch the necklace and let the dress do the talking!

Honorable Mention: Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is 41-years old… I just need to throw that out there. She looks better than most 23-year olds, and she looks to die for in Givenchy Haute Couture. This dress has some really interesting details up close, and is more like a piece of artwork than a dress. I loved it! Now that I think about it I actually don’t know why she is an honorable mention, she should be up there with the others!

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