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Be a Beautified Bohemian in 5 Easy Steps

6.10.2010 WRITTEN BY Ashley T+P Blog Central

Although I’m a native of the rain drenched Pacific Northwest, I’m most definitely a sunshine girl at heart. Boots and beanies are great for a few months, but NOT for June (I mean really rainclouds, REALLY?!?). As I mournfully peer outside at the devastatingly un-summerific weather we’re currently having, my mind drifts to more happier things in life: sandals, shorts and fringe…yes, fringe. Bohemian dreamin’ is what’s getting my through these wet days of pre-summer fun. If you’re looking for a little hippy inspiration yourself, check out the 5 easy steps you can take to be boho fabulous.

Get Slouchy with Dolce Vita's Blakely Topbangles.

1. Pile on an unnecessary amount of jewelry: To really get into the boho spirit, throw caution to the wind when it comes to accessorizing. Forget your mother’s style advice about less is more: Do as the gypsies do and wear layer upon layers of your favorite beads, gems and bangles.

2. Show some skin: …But not too much. Showing off your gams is a must, but balance it out on top with a loose fitting peasant blouse or not-too-low-cut dress. When you’re going boho, you get the green light to pull on extra short shorts.

3. Get slouchy: Slouchy boots and slouchy shirtdresses scream bohemian. If you’re top is extra roomy, cinch it together with a western leather belt.

4. Vest up: The vest is a key piece in the whole hippy look. Suede is great. Fringe is fantastic.

Vest Up with Sanctuary's Val Vest

5. Act the part: The best part about bohemian style is that it’s carefree and effortless. Now that you have the

pieces in place to make a great outfit, pull it all together by acting like the free spirit that you are…just don’t get caught in the rain šŸ™‚


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