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5.23.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Celebrity Style, Inspiration

Love it or hate it, The Bachelor and Bachelorette have become a style maven for women looking for a little fashion inspiration. From their everyday causal looks to their glamorous cocktail attire, they can send any girl into a fit of jealous rage! I am going to take you back through a few of my favorite Bachelor fashionistas and their best on screen moments. Plus I will pick out my favorite bachelors of the night for our NEW Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert.

Ali Fedotowsky

One of my favorite things about Ali Fedotowsky on her season of The Bachelorette was that she kept her personal style. She has a very laid back, relaxed vibe to her style that she (sometimes) stayed true to. I think she looked the best when she let her personal style shine through.

Michelle Money

Yes, I am talking about crazy, punched herself in her sleep, Michelle. However, you cannot deny that girlfriend had some amazing jewelry and some awesome clothes! She had a very bohemian vibe to her that I just loved.

Emily Maynard

Where do we begin with Emily? Her styling was always impeccable and I am convinced she never has a bad hair/make-up day! Her style was very versatile, from rocking Forever 21 tops to sparkling Louboutins. I loved to see what she would wear to rose ceremonies and on dates, and I may or may not have stalked the internet for a particular light denim shirt she wore and finally found it on eBay.

Ashley Hebert

Our newest bachelorette, Ashley, is quite the upbeat gal. While she is kind of all over the place, you cannot deny that she is a cutie. She had some rocky moments during the beginning of her season with Brad, but has since steadily amped her fashion game up! I can’t wait to see what she wears this season!

And as far as top two bachelors? I call J.P. and Ryan P. – you heard it here first!

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  • 05.24.2011

    You can’t forget our girl Jill Harris!
    Everything she ever wore on The Bachelorette was sold out soon after.

    (…And, more importantly- my vote is for Will from Ohio).

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