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Ask a Stylist: What Jeans Should I Wear?

7.11.2012 WRITTEN BY Ellie Celebrity Style, How to Wear

Every week we quiz our Facebook friends on their style questions. This week’s question comes from Rachel Rosenthal Malsin of San Francisco, who asks: “Someone told me today I need to wear straight leg not skinny jeans.” We thought this was a great opportunity to have our newest stylist Ali Levine break down which jeans work for different body types. Take it away Ali!

Alright ladies, always feel like your jeans don’t feel right, fit right, look right? Have no fear, denim is still a friendly fabric! Just like every bra fits us differently, so do jeans. Each of us has a best fit and it’s time to find it.

For those of you who have nice legs and want to show them off, skinny jeans are your best friend! They elongate your legs and are a truly feminine style, accentuating your assets. Hitting right below or at the ankle is the most flattering cut with skinny jeans.

If you’re taller, try long boot cut jeans. It’s always a challenge to find jeans that are long enough especially with heels, but when you do, it’s worth it! A long boot cut jean creates a nice hourglass shape and back pockets add dimension — a plus for fit, fashion & function.

If you’re petite, go with a a mid-rise jean. Paige has a bootcut in a petite fit with perfect proportions.  You could also go with skinny or boyfriend fit jeans to the ankle. (We think Rachel Bilson wears petite jeans really well!)

These are just a few examples of how jeans can be worn on all our body types! Whether you’re sporting on-trend designer denim by Current/Elliot, petite cut jeans from Paige or an awesome basic boot cut by MICHAEL Michael Kors, fit is key and you want a look that’s casual and comfortable. There is a flattering fit out there for every one of you.

(Image Credits: Skinny jeans: Hollywire; Bootcut jeans: Jennifer- Celebrity Beauty Buzz; Julia – Real Women Jeans ;Gisele – Denim Blog; Petite jeans: Buss Buss)

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  • Rachel

    Thanks Ali! I just tried rag and bone jeans and they actually fit very well! It’s nice to have denim options:-)

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